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W.I.P. & a Recovery Day

I just started my first knit project that wasn’t a dishcloth or super simple shawl. I’ve wanted to try my hand at simple knit slippers, with the hope of gifting them for Christmas. I’ve not knit with 2 yarns together before, and found it to be a little bulky/awkward for the cast on and first 2 rows but then I settled in. I haven’t gotten very far yet. I’m not a quick knitter to begin with, and am feeling all discombobulated today.

Today is my recovery day after a double shift at work. And it was an insane shift. Funny how you can get through 16 hours feeling only slightly nauseous, come home, and then are exhausted. Unfortunately, we are under an Influenza A outbreak, and my employer, under the direction of Alberta Health, has made a 10 day dose of Tamiflu mandatory if anyone of us wants to work during the Outbreak. I don’t mind – it’s not just for my protection, but the protection of our seniors, as well. It’s given me the worst case of dry mouth I’ve ever experienced, though. Ugh. Anyway, I managed to sleep hard through the night, but am still tired and off feeling today.

Tomorrow I’ll put a movie on and settle down to this project seriously. 

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